Why should I use an agency vs. hire myself?

Agencies have a lot to offer that would be hard to match if trying to hire a VA on your own. Agencies examine all of the VA applicants and make a careful decision before adding one to their team. They will consider the type of equipment and internet connection the VA has at home to ensure it is going to be able to handle the workload. 

Agencies will also look at items like education, native language, personality, and previous work experience. All of these things take time to consider and look into. It saves you a lot of hassle, letting an agency handle all of this instead of taking precious minutes out of your hectic schedule to handle it.

 Another advantage to an agency is the fact that if you need to replace your VA, they will have one ready for you right away. The upper management of the agency will keep an eye on all of the VAs to ensure they are handling their tasks efficiently. Agencies offer a proven system to get you started with your new Virtual assistant to help ensure everyone’s success.

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