When Should I Hire a VA?

As a business owner of a small or growing business, you may have asked yourself “When should I hire a VA?” Below are five possible scenarios of when you should hire your won virtual assistant.
You Need Time Flexibility
Hiring a virtual assistant will grant you and your business some much needed time flexibility. Depending on the task or project, VAs can be scheduled to work at specific times. For example, you can hire assistants from different timezones for 24/7 customer service, or you can have a team of VAs work on processing client information as you talk to clients. As the saying goes, ‘Time is Gold’, and your time as a business owner is precious indeed.
Need to Increase Productivity
As your business slowly grows, the amount of administrative work you need to do also grows. More time spent on these non-core tasks means less time spent on essential tasks of the company. While checking emails and answering phone calls may not seem time-consuming, the minutes will add up, and the interruptions will break your work flow. Hiring a virtual assistant will help you stay productive as they work on back-end tasks.
Get Better Work Quality
Virtual assistants each come equipped with their own set of skills, suitable for tackling a range of jobs. When you find yourself with a task you cannot do well and are in need of help, you should hire a virtual assistant. By hiring someone who is best suited for a task you cannot do, you will get better work quality and work efficiency.
Match Your Business Growth
Once a business grows too large, it becomes increasingly difficult for a small group to manage it. Cracks start to form as you and your team are spread thin: incomplete paperwork, missed phone calls, unanswered emails, and more. Hiring VAs is a fast and easy way to reinforce your business, as they can take on the extra jobs and lighten your own workload.
Achieve Work-Life Balance
Working to fulfill business goals can really take a lot of your time as a business owner. Some times, it will take up your most, if not all, of your family time. While some sacrifices can be made for your business, it should not include your family. If you find yourself spending too much time working and less time having fun, then you should hire a virtual assistant. With their help, you won’t ever need to miss your child’s birthday or skip your wedding anniversary.
Virtual Assistants are becoming increasingly important to growing businesses. As they can be hired from anywhere, they do not have to follow a rigid work schedule. And since some VAs do project-based work, a business with limited budgets won’t need to pay them on a monthly basis.
As you can read above, hiring a virtual assistant is a win-win situation. If you have found yourself facing one or more of the scenarios above, then you can contact us at the VA Group. Whether it is to increase your productivity or help you achieve work-life balance, we can do it together.

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