The Pros and Cons of Hiring a VA on Freelancing Sites

Freelancing websites are the best place to visit when you are looking to hire a virtual assistant. Business owners can post a job offer online, and potential applicants will respond to the offer. Once a suitable freelancer is found, both can then begin work on the project. But as simple as this sounds, the system is not entirely perfect.

The biggest advantage of using freelancing sites is the speed of finding a person to take on the job. During the process of checking applicants, the business owner can make an informed decision by looking at the skills and proficiencies of each one. They can also look at the previous jobs done to determine their experience level.

However, at the cost of its simplicity and ease of use, these websites offer little security and supervision for both employer and employee. While some freelancing sites can monitor if the VA is doing the job, the site cannot ascertain the true time and effort spent. And while finding a virtual assistant will be quick, a business owner may find themselves combing through a list of experienced and inexperienced workers.

Despite this quick overview of the pros and cons, you should still try using freelancing sites before making a decision. If you find the pros outweigh the cons, then great! But if you feel those sites add more to your headache, please feel free to contact us. We can get you a VA suited to your needs.

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