Things to be Aware of When Hiring a VA

One common mistake business owners make when hiring a virtual assistant is having high expectations of what they must do for the owner’s business. This will not only lead to disappointment for both you and the VA. To help set your expectations, here are some things
you must be aware of before hiring your own virtual assistant.

1. The VA’s Primary Function
Many misunderstand the real function of a virtual assistant: they are there to help free up your time for more important things. VAs are not miracle workers who can make your problems go away with a snap of their fingers. They are there to do the tasks you can no longer spend time on.
2. It’s a Team Effort
VAs cannot be expected to function well without knowing what you expect of them. You will need to take the time to train them and build a system that will make working together efficient. By laying the groundwork you have ensured success for the both of you.
3. Time Difference Problems
Most virtual assistants you will hire will be from other countries. While this can be beneficial for you and your company, working at different timezones has its own set of problems. You can work these out while devising your system for the VA.
4. Can Fail the First Time
Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things between you and your first VA does not work. Maybe the system you devised was not good enough, or the VA could not match your high expectations. Whatever the reasons, be sure to learn from them before you go looking for a
second virtual assistant.

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