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5 Free Tools for your New VA

So you’ve hired your first VA, now what? It’s time to equip your virtual assistant with some free to use tools. These tools may be free, but they are just as effective to make working with you and your clients easy and efficient. Here are five free tools for your new VA to use.


In the world of freelancing, communication is key. You and your VA will need a direct line of communication between you and the client. Skype can offer this and more with their video calling and chat functions, making it quick and easy to communicate.

Google Drive

Due to the nature of online work, a tool like Google Drive is a big help for storing and sharing files. It keeps all output centralized, giving you and your VA easy access without having to contact each other for a copy. And with 15 gigabytes of free space, you can put all sorts of large files in the Drive.


Many tasks will require your VA to access a number of your client’s accounts (yours included), such as their social media or website. While some clients are trusting enough to share their credentials, others would prefer not to. With Lastpass, VAs can access a client’s account without getting the username and password. A safer and more secure alternative for all.


Everyone needs a graphic editing tool at their disposal. Canva gives its users access to an extensive library of templates, shapes, images, and fonts for their design needs. While it isn’t as powerful as Photoshop or Illustrator, Canva is easy to use and is a great option for your VAs who have a knack in creating images.


Of course, you will need a tool for paying your new virtual assistant at the end of a project or time frame. Paypal can be used almost everywhere and can transfer over twenty different currencies. It offers security for both you and the VA and makes money transfers quick and easy.

And there you have it, five tools your new VA can use. To be fair, there are other great free-to-use tools that you and your virtual assistant can use. It depends on what works for both of you and the client. Think of this list as a jump-off point; see if they help you or fill your needs. If they don’t, then use a different tool instead. And if they do, then great!

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