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Email Marketing is a powerful strategy for finding and engaging potential clients directly. The process can be time-intensive, though, so having a VA will be a good investment. But how can you use a virtual assistant to handle your email campaigns? Read on to find out more.

Set the Campaign Up

If you do not know where to start or how to set up an email marketing campaign, don’t worry. You can hire a virtual assistant whose forte lies in putting email campaigns together. But you will need to help your VA by providing some details, like who your target audience is, what content you want to send out, and what your goals are. Set your expectations early so your virtual assistant can give you the best results.

Grow Your Database

An email database is a collection of names, email addresses, and other related details of both existing clients (taken from old email lists) and new clients. A virtual assistant can grow your database by exporting old information, search for clients through prospecting, or create things like landing pages to generate interest. To make you and your VA’s lives easier, be sure to use a dedicated CRM or database tool.

Plan Content Ahead

An effective email marketing campaign will need great content to grab the attention of your customers. What that content is will depend on the goals you want to achieve with the campaign. Are you looking to create brand awareness? Send out a newsletter. Want to tell your customers about a new product? Send them high-quality preview images. Work closely with your VA to create the right content you need.

Keep Everything Organized

Nothing saps the will to work quicker than seeing an unorganized inbox filled with hundreds of unread emails. To save yourself headaches, hire a virtual assistant to organize everything. Help your VA out by giving clear instructions and creating the right subfolders to make dividing emails easy.

Personalize Individual Emails

Customers will always know (or at least feel it) when your emails are impersonal or generic. They will eventually feel like you do not care for their support. To avoid losing your customers, hire a virtual assistant to help you craft personalized emails for everyone on your database. Be sure to work closely with your VA so the message will ‘sound and feel’ like it’s coming from you.

Save You Time

Time is everything in business. We need time to work towards our business goals and achieve our daily objectives. And managing an email marketing campaign can really eat up your time. But by hiring a virtual assistant, you can give yourself as much time as you need to work on other tasks. You can even delegate the entire campaign to your VA if you want more time.

You, as the business owner, do not have to do everything on your own. Virtual assistants can make growing your business easy, as there are different VAs for different jobs. If you are looking to hire one for your email campaigns, then feel free to contact us at the VA Group.

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