Proven ways of working effectively with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are very beneficial to have in a growing business. But for first-time employers of VAs, it can be quite daunting. Knowing you need a virtual assistant is only the first step; knowing how to work successfully with them is the next step. Here are some proven ways of working effectively with a VA.

  • Create a Strong Line of Communication

When working with a VA, communication is key. There must be an open line of communication between you, ready for use when a problem arises or if a task is unclear. Software like Slack and Skype are great for staying connected. Without a strong line of communication, work will be slowed down by delays and misunderstandings.

  • Give Clear Instructions

Be clear with your instructions and expectations; be direct and straight to the point. Do not use complicated words or concepts, unless your virtual assistant can understand them. A VA can only do so much with bad information. By giving clear instructions, your virtual assistant will do what they can to meet your expectations.

  • Use the Right Tools

There are many tools that can help increase work efficiency and effectiveness for both you and your VA. What tools you should use will depend on your needs as a team or company. A few must-haves are communication tools (Skype, Slack), productivity tools (Trello, Google Docs), and time management tools (Time Doctor).

  • Share Your Files

Always share your files with your VA. Sharing not only helps your virtual assistant do their tasks effectively, but it shows you trust them. Take advantage of tools like Google Drive and Dropbox to share your work quickly. Neither of you will have to contact the other during their days off just to get a copy of a file.

  • Appreciate Their Hardwork

Your VA’s sole purpose is to lighten the workload on your end. They may end up taking the harder tasks because they tackle it, allowing you to take on core business tasks. Show your appreciation of their hard work with praise and positivity, or even a reward. Doing these can inspire your VA to keep working effectively and, if you wish, to continue working for you.

If you are looking for your very own virtual assistant to work effectively with, please contact us at the VA Group to know more.


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