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Challenges to Managing a VA and How to Overcome Them

Hiring a virtual assistant or a team of them will give a business owner a lot of advantages. However, at the cost of those advantages, there are a number of challenges that need to be overcome first. Below are the four common challenges you may face when managing a virtual assistant and how to solve them.

Communication Problems

Good and effective communication is the cornerstone of every great company. Without it, work progress will suffer greatly, while bad and unclear communication means bad quality output. Worst of all, virtual assistants will feel left out or isolated, affecting their overall productivity.

To overcome these problems, make sure to create a strong line of communication. Be consistent and responsive with your replies to show you are present if and when your VA needs help. Make use of communication apps to keep an open line between you and your virtual assistant.

Ensuring Productivity

Working remotely has one disadvantage overworking in an office: making sure your virtual assistant is working. It is normal to worry if you are getting your money’s worth or if your VA is being productive. Or you could be worried that your virtual assistant is working too hard and is not taking any breaks.

To reduce your worries, make use of management and productivity software, like Time Doctor. Not only do they keep track of your VA’s working hours, but some can also keep track of their daily progress. Another way to ensure productivity is by scheduling weekly meetings to personally check your VA’s accomplishments and personal well-being.

Time Differences

Unless hired locally, virtual assistants will often be working in different time zones. This can make coordinating work times difficult for you and your VA. And if you have more than one VA, the time difference can create attendance issues for meetings or training.

A great solution to this is finding a suitable work schedule for you and your VAs. If there isn’t a suitable time, then use scheduling software to keep track of everyone. When it comes to meetings, record the sessions, and then pass the video on to VAs with later shifts.

Company Culture

Considered the company’s personality, it is built upon how you treat your VAs and how they respond to your treatment. If you treat them poorly or show no appreciation for their work, your company culture is very negative. Because of the nature of remote working, the lack of face-to-face interactions makes it hard to develop trust between employer and virtual assistant. Rather, it can create mistrust.

In order to create a positive company culture, always be present for your VAs. Make it clear that you trust them. Praise them for their hard work and give advice when they struggle. To encourage trust between virtual assistants, implement team-building exercises, and schedule on-camera team meetings.

Working with a virtual assistant is very hands-on. To get the best out of them, you must be present and be willing to communicate. Overcoming the challenges will take a lot of effort from both sides.

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