How to Drive Healthy Competition Between your VAs

There is nothing better than encouraging competition between our employees. But knowing how to make it both healthy and motivating may not be something every business owner knows. And while working over the internet is different from working in an office, creating a healthy competition between our VAs is just as easy.

Why Healthy Competition is Important

Competition in the workplace is something our VAs cannot avoid because, whether we know it or not, we create situations that encourage competition. But instead of ignoring those situations, we must take control of them to make healthy competitive scenarios. If done right, competition between employees will increase motivation, boost confidence, and unleash creativity. But if we get it wrong, our employees will instead feel anxiety, lack focus, and may eventually quit.

Let’s take a look at five things we can do to encourage healthy competition between our VAs.

  1. Create Teams

Competition between individuals can get become pretty toxic over time. It creates this feeling that, if you aren’t at the top, then you are worth nothing. But by putting your VAs into teams, you can replace this toxic thinking with positive collaboration. To make them more effective, be sure to balance the teams.

  1. Set End Goals

What is competition without goals to accomplish? Goals can help your VA teams focus their efforts and encourage them to put their heads together as they work. When setting goals, make sure they are relevant and realistic end goals, or else your virtual assistants will lose the motivation to try.

  1. Give Rewards

It’s never a bad thing to reward your VAs every once in a while, especially when they do something beyond your expectations. Giving rewards, monetary or otherwise, is a great way of showing your appreciation for their hard word. Awards will also encourage and incentivize others to step up their game.

  1. Make it Fun

Since competition happens naturally in the workplace, you must keep things fun and lighthearted. Doing so will help reduce stress levels, stop people from being toxic, as well as get others to join in. If the competition between your VAs is deathly serious, you may have a virtual fight on your hands

  1. Keep it Healthy

As the big boss of the business, how healthy the competition becomes is your responsibility. Keep your eyes open for any potential problem between your VAs. Be a good example, and help foster the right competitive spirit. Show everyone how, in the end, everybody wins no matter what happens.

As long as the competition is healthy between your virtual assistants, the workflow will remain smooth and efficient. Help things along by being present and considerate once work starts to become hectic.

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