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How to create long-term relationships with a reliable VA

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur, and you have found the right VA to help you grow your business. You originally intended to work with this virtual assistant for a month, but their quick thinking and reliability made you decide to keep them on for much longer. So now, the problem you face is building a long-term relationship with your VA – what can you do?
Communicate Often
Working with a virtual assistant is all about communication. To strengthen your working relationship with the VA, always be open to questions and always be ready to supervise (but not micromanage). And during a set time, like once a week or twice a month, call them up and ask how they are doing. Keeping lines of communication open at all times tells your virtual assistant that you trust them. It will make them feel appreciated for their presence and hard work.
Always Pay on Time
As much as possible, always do your best to pay your VAs on time. Yes, some circumstances cannot be avoided, such as online banking delays, and most virtual assistants will understand this. However, failing to pay on time paints a negative picture of your business. At best, it will appear as if you and your company are not doing well. But at worst, your virtual assistants may think you do not care, or you intend to scam them. Pay on time!
Reward Their Hard Work
The role of a virtual assistant is to take on the tasks you no longer have time to do. From checking your emails, scheduling appointments, or updating your database, VAs will be working almost non-stop. To keep them motivated, and to show your appreciation, be sure to reward them with something depending on what they have accomplished. Did they help you reach that monthly client goal? Give them a salary bonus. Did they go the extra mile on the last task? Then a day of paid time off.
Be Clear With Instructions
There is nothing that frustrates a VA more than an employer giving unclear instructions and vague feedback. As mentioned in the first point, communication is key when working with a virtual assistant. The lack of clear and concise instructions will lead to the VA feeling frustrated. If you want your VA to stick with you for the coming months, you must give clear, easy-to-understand instructions so they can do their jobs better.
Give Honest, Meaningful Feedback
Much like giving clear instructions, giving vague feedback will only make a VA’s work difficult. For example, instead of giving back a report with the words ‘change this’ typed at the bottom of the page, tell them how they can improve it. Giving meaningful, constructive feedback will help them improve and feel less frustrated. They, like you, would like to get better at their job.
Remember, They’re Human Too
Yes, you hired your virtual assistant to help you run your business. And while they will do everything they can to hit the goals and complete all their tasks, they are still human. Be realistic with your expectations. Try not to get angry at their small mistakes, and never forget to say thank you even when you are busy.
There are other things you can do to create a long-term working relationship with your virtual assistant, such as getting to know them more or talking about your goals. But you must always remember to respect them and recognize their hard work.

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