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Why The VA Group?

Do you know what makes me happy? Is letting the VA Group handle my employees and overhead. There’s nothing that will steal your joy like employees and overhead, so I give all of mine to the VA Group.
– David

Treating Business Just Like Own

We are honored to partnered with the VA Group and are new VA, Von bas been extraordinary. He’s just what we need to take our business to the next level, and we love all the attentions to detail that he has and treating our business just like his own.
– Tyree

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Direct to the Point!

Their entire team from the top down has been incredible to work with, extremely organized and direct to the point when you work in an active type of schedule. That is something we really appreciate because it helps us not only maximize our efficiencies but even more is statistical success…
– Nic

Polite, Kind and Diligent!

Thanks to my lovely team at The VA Group. They’ve been able to help me continue to manifest my dream and how I’m able to help other people. I can say that without them, I probably wouldn’t be as bright and excited about the next upcoming months. . . 
– Dr. Z

I No Longer Have to Think About It!

The last two months I’ve had the opportunity to work with a Virtual Assistant from The VA Group who has really changed the dynamic of my business. Not only has she created systems and processes, but she’s taken so many things off my plate that its allowed me to really work with my clients, so I work on my business and not in my business.
– Tamara

Tremendous Time Saver

“We really needed the help of The VA Group to help fill out our staff and ensure that every member of our team is doing their highest and best used of their very valuable time. So we actually use 2 VAs now and both of them are tremendous time savers, they are wonderful auditions in our team, they are great to work with, pickup our technology and our platforms that we use very quickly and very well. We can not be pleased with the help of The VA Group so far!”
– Katherine

Thank you for Booking | Hire a Virtual Assistant - The VA Group



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