Business Coach

Hired a Prospecting VA

Thats a 263% ROI from your service so far! 🙂

I’ve always done everything myself. Seeing that list everyday, that to do list, of all the things I need to accomplish seemed almost impossible to do myself! But now I know it’s possible because of you guys! Thanks so much for all you and your team do!


Digital Agency

Hired a Prospecting VA

Found the perfect VA to fit my digital agency

Found the perfect VA to fit my digital agency. Being able to offload the management of my clients day to day campaigns has given me a new outlook on my business and where my time should be spent. Vin is amazing and is constantly taking on more tasks.



Hired a Administrative VA

Having my guys manage my calendar, email and sites report has been amazing!

Having my VA manage my calendar, email and daily site reports has been amazing. Its allowed me to focus on selling new clients and creating long term relationships with my exsisting ones. Letting go of the daily workload was difficult, but after a few weeks I was comfortable and will never look back!

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Q:  Why should I hire my virtual assistants through The VA Group?

A:  Our hiring and training process is like none other. Only the top 5% of VAs make the cut with us! You’re sure to get smart, proficient, well versed assistants to handle your needs appropriately.

Q:  How can we track what the Virtual Assistant is working on?

A:  The VA Group understands how important it is to get what you pay for. Our systems track work every 15 minutes to ensure the VA is on task and filling their shift assisting you. If for some reason you feel the VA isn’t completing enough work in a day, please let us know. We’re here to help.

Q:  Will the virtual assistant be able to communicate in English properly?

A:  Yes! This is a huge part of the initial competency tests that need to be passed before moving on to the skills segment.