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How to utilize Youtube & Vimeo for Prospecting & Advertising Your Business

Video content is increasingly becoming more and more prevalent in business marketing strategies. From generating leads to boosting engagements, video can give you plenty of great results when used correctly. And with so many small and big-name brands already using video, it can be very competitive for you and your business when you plan to join in. But how is it an essential medium for your prospecting and advertising needs?

The Important Factors of Using Video

Before we can look into how we can utilize video and online video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, let’s discuss the significant factors of why you should.

  • Traffic of Tomorrow – According to online studies, video content will make up more than 80% of the overall consumer traffic by 2021. This point illustrates how essential video is for business prospecting and advertising since almost everyone will watch videos online.
  • Most Consumed Content – Currently, more than half the number of internet users watch videos online daily. For any business looking to create video content, this fact alone proves that making videos will benefit you greatly.
  • Easy to Consume – One main reason why video content is currently the most consumed is that it is easy to access. As long as a user has an internet-capable device, like a smartphone, they can watch a video anytime, anywhere.
  • Sharing is Caring – Online users love to share any awesome content they find on the internet. More so if said content is video. Since you can be sure people will share your video, it will reach a wider audience with almost no effort on your part.

How To Utilize Youtube and Vimeo

Now knowing the factors behind the benefits of creating and sharing video content, let’s look at the how-tos next.

  1. Plan Your Content

As much as we all want to dive right in and make video content, we need to do some planning first. While you plan, decide your video’s format: is it going to be a vlog, a product review, or a tutorial? What you choose will determine the look and feel of your future video content for your prospective audience.

  1. Have Keywords Ready

Keywords are what makes your videos easy to find online. Always make sure to put them in your video title, description, meta tags, and so on. For example, if your video is a tutorial for making pancakes, then your title will need the words ‘pancake’ and ‘tutorial’ in the title and description. If you are uncertain of what keywords to use, do look at other videos like yours.

  1. Call to Actions

The purpose of your video content is to turn viewers into potential customers. To do that, you will need a call-to-action at the end of your videos and links to your website. The call to action can involve asking them to subscribe to your channel or telling them to check out your website. Your CTA can also be links and short content in the video’s description.

  1. Always be Present

Sites like Youtube and Vimeo are also social media platforms. Thus, you will need to be active by replying to comments, answering questions, and commenting on other related videos. You can also create polls to ask your audience what they like to see next. Most important of all, always upload videos as often as possible to keep your channel visible.

  1. Share, Share, Share

Don’t end your prospecting and advertising efforts with Youtube or Vimeo alone. Once the video is on your platform of choice, you should share a link on your website and social media accounts. Alternatively, you can share the video link with your customers directly by email. However you choose to do it, your video will find its way to your target audience.

Whether you are a small yet growing business or a solopreneur, creating the right and effective video content will help your business. But like every new venture, you cannot expect overnight success. So, temper your expectations and put in the work. Once you have done a little trial and error, you will be able to create the content you want for your future customers and subscribers.

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