How do you protect your client's account privacy?

As a virtual assistant, you will be expected to take on a variety of tasks for your client. A few of these jobs will involve handling very sensitive data. This data can either belong to your clients, their customers, or both. Knowing how to keep your client’s data secure is very important and, sometimes, being careful is not enough. Here are some things you can use to protect your client’s account privacy.

Password Manager

Trying to remember ten different passwords for ten different accounts can be very difficult. You must remember them, but writing them down on a sticky note would be a bad idea. But with the help of a password manager like LastPass, you won’t even need to know the details yourself. All you need to remember is your master code for the password manager.

Two-Factor Authentication

There will be times your client will need you to access an important account or website. And while you know the username and password, you will need the unique code the client will receive once you try to log-in. A two-step authentication method gives a client both extra security and a great measure of control of who can access their data. It is very effective against unwanted log-ins and attempts at sabotage.

Cloud Services

Knowing how to store and secure your client’s private information does not stop at their usernames and passwords. It also includes their documents, images, videos, and everything they choose to share with you. While you can keep them on your Google Drive or PC hard drive, storing them in a cloud service is far more secure.

There are other ways for you to protect your client’s account privacy. One is to limit the use of file-sharing or to not use your phone for work. Do what you feel works for you, as long as you will not put your client’s important data at risk.

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