How VA's Stay Productive

Knowing how to stay productive is essential knowledge for a virtual assistant, developed over months or years of work and self-discovery. But as a newbie VA who is about to take their first step into this online industry, how do you stay productive?


Start Your Day Early

Starting your day early means giving your brain time to get into ‘work mode’. Waking up late in the day means having to rush through the morning routine and start work feeling stressed out. If you are not a morning person, then this will not apply to you. Forcing yourself to wake up during a time you are not productive will hinder you more than help.


Set Your Goals

Creating a goal to reach is a great way to focus your mind. What those tasks are will depend on the needs of your client. But it would be best to start with the important tasks first, so you do not need to rush them when the client asks for it. A great way to track your progress is to make use of to-do lists and task management apps, like Trello.


Find Your Workspace

Having your own place to work is another great way to stay productive as a VA. It must be quiet and can give you some degree of privacy. Being quiet and private means fewer distractions for you and your work. Do note this workspace does not have to be an expensive table or a rented apartment. It should be a place or spot you can call your own.


Do Not Multitask

This cannot be stressed enough. While the idea of multitasking means you can get more work done at the same time, you actually waste more time trying to do two or more separate tasks together. If the tasks are similar, like writing social media posts, then working on them together will be easy. But if you are doing a spreadsheet while creating a blog post, you won’t finish either of them. Do not multitask.


Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask your client questions. Asking questions helps clarify points and gets everyone on the same page. Simple misunderstandings or miscommunications can add more time spent on a task, and asking questions during the doing of the task can break your workflow.

Asking questions will save you time in the long run.


Rest, Rest, Rest

Nothing is more important than resting. Working continuously for several straight hours can affect your productivity in the long run. The brain can only focus on a task for so long before it needs a break. Resting gives your mind time to recharge and allow you to reorganize your thoughts. During this downtime, you can ask follow-up questions, grab a snack, or check your to-do lists.

The above list is not an exhaustive one, but it should give you insight on how you can stay productive. There are many other ways a virtual assistant stays productive, some of which you will discover as you get experience.

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