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5 Ways to Make Your Online Store Stand Out This Boxing Day

You will find plenty of special deals online for Boxing Day, which means you will have to step up your game. But if you are unsure of what you can do, then don’t worry because we have you covered. Here are five things you can do this Boxing Day to elevate your store above the rest.

Boxing Day Specials

Whether by lowering your prices or putting together a special bundle, you must do something to entice your shoppers. Even physical stores are doing this to get more customers. Be sure to let everyone know about your Boxing Day offers on your website and social media. Encourage them with a post or video while showing off your best deals.

If you need ideas:

  • Sale or Bundle – Interest your customers with a sale on select items. Alternatively, you can make an item bundle if you want to get rid of your extra stock.
  • e-Coupons – Some online shoppers need an extra incentive before they dive in and make a purchase. Offer them Boxing Day coupons for some or all of your items.

Social Media Marketing

Knowing how beneficial social media is for marketing, make use of it to reach your customers more effectively. While running your holiday campaign, don’t forget to emphasize Boxing Day as well. How you go about this is really up to you, though. You can either go all-in with organic marketing or make use of paid ads.

If you need ideas:

  • Organic Marketing – Make use of free tools and let your actions speak for you. Make your customers happy, and they will be more than happy to spread your name. Just because something is free doesn’t make it any less effective.
  • Paid Marketing – You can take a shortcut with your marketing and reach your customers quickly. However, paid social media marketing is expensive in the long run, and it may not always give you the results you want.

Boosting Engagements

Engagements make the online world go round. In other words, you need engagements for your online store or website to thrive. But if you are tired of posting things on social media, why not turn to your customers? Get them involved by asking them to share and tag you with something. What that something is up to you, as long as your customers are interacting with you.

If you need ideas:

  • User-Generated Content – From pictures of a product they bought from you to the sharing of experience, asking your customers to share content with you is one of the best ways to boost engagements or traffic for your social media and website.
  • Poll – Share a poll and ask for your customers’ opinions. If the poll’s topic interests them, you will see a lot of activity on your social media or website.

Email Marketing

If you prefer a more direct approach to make your online store stand out on Boxing Day, then email marketing is the best option. With a personalized email and compelling content about your store’s Boxing Day offers, you will pique the interesters of your customers. Once enticed, they will visit your store to see what you have for Boxing Day.

If you need ideas:

  • Newsletters – Mix some holiday content, like pictures and a greeting, with your online store content. Let them know what your store is going to do for Boxing Day.
  • Virtual Catalog – Share with your customers a catalog of items that are on sale or are in a bundle for Boxing Day. Send it to let them know of your plans in advance.

More Content

You must know that your customers are too busy at work to think about visiting their favorite online stores. As the days count away, they work hard to complete whatever tasks they have left before the holiday. That means you will need to create content that will make them aware of your Boxing Day offerings.

If you need ideas:

  • Holiday Greeting Video – Greet everyone with a smile and wish them happy holidays. If you want to lead them to your store, give them a promo code at the end.
  • Boxing Day Trivia – As part of your Boxing Day promotion, why not share some trivia about that day after Christmas. Let them know why it’s a significant day.

True, it may look like a lot of work but, with a little help, you can do all five things and more with the help of a virtual assistant. If you do not have a VA of your own and would like to take on one for your business, then the VA Group can help you. Visit the website to learn more.

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