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Authorization for Automatic Payments



Upon submitting this payment form, you ("Client") are authorizing The VA Group to initiate variable charges to your credit/debit card for any outstanding amounts associated with the services under The VA Group Service Agreement. This encompasses a range of fees including, but not limited to, hourly fees, monthly fees, late fees, start-up fees, and any other applicable charges related to the Agreement and services provided.

Please note, each transaction made with your Credit/Debit Card will include an added 3% processing fee, which you acknowledge and accept.

This authorization remains effective until The VA Group receives a written cancellation notice from you, to be provided no less than 14 days prior to the intended termination of the Agreement and this authorization. In the event of failure to provide the necessary written notice within the stipulated timeframe in the Agreement, The VA Group retains the right to charge the provided credit card for any and all outstanding fees and costs.

By pressing 'Submit', you are giving your consent to these terms and affirming the correctness of all provided information.