3 Great Lunar New Year Promotion Ideas for your Business That Your VA Can Handle For You

The Lunar New Year is one of the grandest events that many people prepare for days, if not weeks, in advance. If you are looking to attract more customers and sell even more products, you will need to up your marketing game. But since you will be busy on the frontlines, you can have your VA handle promoting your business. So, here are three things you can have your VA do as you prepare your business for the Chinese New Year.

Doing In-House Promotions

There is more to marketing than putting up advertisements or posting on social media. Most people begin decorating their stores around ten days in advance, hanging up lucky charms, red-colored lanterns, and New Year paintings. Your VA can do the same for your website or digital store by changing the color scheme, adding Lunar New Year graphics, and creating New Year coupons and discounts. Having your virtual assistant do this will also help everyone get into the right festival mood.

Lunar New Year Content

If we can describe the preparations leading up to the Chinese New Year in one word, it would be ‘formidable.’ Since plenty of people are giving their all to make the future celebration grand and memorable, they will need some stress relief. Your VA can give those hard workers some fun and relevant content for them to enjoy. For example, your virtual assistant can prepare a fun article about the past Lunar New Year. Or they can make a behind-the-scenes video of your other virtual employees getting ready for the festivities.

Update Social Media

Don’t stop at just decorating your online store and website. Be sure to update your social media platforms as well. With so many people on social media, you can be sure some loyal customers are waiting for your Lunar New Year updates. The same tip applies to you if you run a physical store as well. Use the content your VAs made to start creating engagements. Be sure to throw in product links, emphasize discounts, and market those coupons. If your virtual assistant can get people talking, your business will surely boom before and during the Chinese New Year.

With these three ideas, among others more, step your own marketing game up and be ready for the rush to come before and during the Lunar Near Year. Your VA, or team of virtual assistants, would be more than happy to help you out.

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