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Tips to Maintain Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

Many of us have found ourselves working from home to adapt to the ‘new normal’ the pandemic has set for us. If you are one of those finding it difficult to maintain a work-life balance, even when working remotely, here are some tips to help you out.

Find your Workspace

Your workspace has to be a place you can work with little to no interruptions. Finding and setting up your workspace will help set physical boundaries. Your family will know and understand that, once you’re inside, you must not be disturbed. This is your office away from the office.

But you must remember you are still at home. There will be a lot of noise, and there will be interruptions. If your little one decides to walk in asking for a hug while you are having a meeting, then don’t be embarrassed to hug them. It will save you a lot of stress.

Set a Schedule and Maintain It

Create a schedule that best suits your work needs and stick to it. You can choose to emulate your old office timetable and work eight hours straight. Or you can block your time for each task of the day. No matter what you choose, don’t forget to give yourself enough time to rest between jobs and eat lunch.

The reason we need a schedule is to help us ‘go home on time.’ Many of us who work remotely will develop a tendency to add another hour or two to our work schedule. This tendency will turn into a habit, and before you know it, you will be working ten hours a day instead of eight. That’s two potential hours that could be for you and your family.

Take Breaks. You Need Them

Learn to take a break now and then. Even taking frequent five-minute rests will help break the monotony of work while getting back some energy and focus. More importantly, when your one hour break comes, do not spend it on work – get off the computer, step away from the desk, and do something else for an hour.

Know When to Switch Off

This tip is an important one. Before the pandemic, there was a definite line that separated our work life and private life. But since we now work from home, that line separating both those lives has blurred somewhat. It is up to us then to know when we should be thinking of work and when we need to ‘switch off.’

When you are out with friends or family, do not think about your job. If someone calls you up during the weekend, tell them you will take care of it first thing Monday. And when you have some time for yourself, do not think about finishing that last sentence of your unfinished task. Learn to switch off and tell yourself a weekend is a weekend, and a holiday is a holiday.

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