Hire the Best Virtual Assistant this 2021

“Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.”  – Germany Kent

Despite all that has happened throughout 2020, there is so much we can look forward to in 2021. A new year means another chance to start over and make the changes you want for yourself. And, most especially, now is a good a time as any to do something very different for your business.

It’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant!

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

You’ve probably heard about other companies or business owners hiring virtual assistants to handle specific tasks. And as someone who has done everything by themselves up to this point, you might be wondering why you should hire a VA of your own. Well, there are dozens of reasons why you should, but let’s look at three essential ones:

  1. VAs Can Handle Other Tasks – The hardest part is trying to accomplish your main tasks while trying to do the backend ones. So, hire a virtual assistant to take care of the bookkeeping and email correspondence.
  2. VAs Can Scale Your Business – With the help of a VA, you do not need to shell out extra money to grow your business. Instead, you can scale everything up by getting virtual assistants with expert skill sets to do specific jobs.
  3. VAs Can Give You Time – Time is a precious resource for us business owners, and we do not have enough of it for work and pleasure. By hiring a VA, you can give yourself the time you need to do other work and be with family.

What Makes a VA the Best?

What makes a VA the ‘best’ will depend on your preferences. Apart from their business needs, every entrepreneur has their preferences. If you aren’t sure about yours, here are three traits that make a good VA:

  1. Reliable – Reliable VAs are what you and your clients need. All their skills will mean nothing if you cannot rely on them to do their jobs right. Reliable VAs will always take the initiative and can work without supervision.
  2. With a Strong Personality – There are plenty of virtual assistants that are not meek ‘yes-men.’ If there is one thing you will need, that will be a VA that is tenacious, optimistic, and would back down from a challenge.
  3. Passionate – Some virtual assistants do not stop at reaching a goal and would prefer to go beyond. They let their passion drive their work, and they will create something the client needs and not just want.

Finding Your VAs

Finding a virtual assistant online is easy. You can look through job freelancing sites, ask a VA company, or maybe put up a job request on a job posting site. While one choice may seem better than the others, each one does have its pros and cons.

  1. Freelancing Sites – Freelancing websites are where you can find your ideal virtual assistant. These sites offer you some security as (most if not all) VAs are legitimate workers. The biggest drawback, though, is the time you must spend combing through the website and setting up interviews for each potential virtual assistant.
  2. Job Sites – With job sites, you can post a job order with the needed skills you want your VA to have. While this will save you time looking through a database of VAs, you will still need to set interviews for each applicant. The worst part, however, is some job sites are not as secured as freelancing sites. You will run the risk of being scammed.
  3. VA Companies – There are online companies that provide VAs to their clients. All you have to do is let the company know what you need, and they will give you a suitable VA. You won’t need to post a job offer, comb for prospects, and you won’t need to set interviews. The only downside is, you won’t know how great your VA is until you’ve seen their work.

Take the first step in a new direction with a VA by your virtual side. Use their skills, their drive, and their presence to make the changes you want for 2021. Let us break away from what 2020 was and begin anew.

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