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Tips for getting started with Email Marketing

With various instant messaging apps now available, it can be easy to think using emails is no longer viable. Email marketing is considered by many as one of the most effective marketing strategies, as a company can reach a large number of potential clients/customers easily. But where does a beginner start with their email marketing? Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Know your Goal

Think about your goals first and ask yourself what you do want to achieve. Are you looking to get leads, increase sign-ups, or create brand awareness? Determining your goals first will help dictate what type of campaign you will do and what content you can use.

  1. Choose an Email Marketing Service Provider

An email marketing service provider (ESPs for short) is a platform or company that makes it easier for people to build email lists and send out emails. You can automate your email delivery, customize your emails, and even track them once sent out.

  1. Build Your Email List

To build an email list, you must use some strategies and tools to get your prospects’ emails. Make use of landing pages, call-to-action buttons on your website, and sliding boxes. Add an incentive, like interesting content or discounts, to attract people. But, if you already have a list, you can use that instead.

  1. Plan Your Campaign

Decide on what kind of campaign you want to use based on your goals. Will it be a marketing offer, a product ad, or a monthly newsletter? As you plan, be sure to use images and visuals more and not rely on text-heavy content. Not everyone will have the time or patience to read blocks of paragraphs.

  1. Craft Your Welcome Email

Here is the most crucial part of your email marketing campaign. The welcome email will serve as your first impression to your customers. For a greater chance of success, add a friendly greeting, give an overview of your service or product, and give useful information. If you are using a custom email design, use one that is eye-catching and mobile-friendly. How you craft your email, both visually and verbally, will make or break your campaign.

  1. Practice Writing Messages

As they say, practice makes perfect. When in-between campaigns, take the time to write future email messages. Write as if you were talking to a close friend. Say what you want to say, but keep it short. Also, practice writing great subject lines. Since it is the first thing people will see it, a great short subject line will lead to your emails getting read.

  1. Test, Test, Test

Here is another important tip: always read through your work and preview the email before sending it. Check your links, spelling, images, and so on. You can send the email to yourself, to a coworker, or an employee. See how it looks on your screens and see what changes you will need to make.

  1. Send It!

Once you have double-checked and triple-checked your work, send it! But don’t just send it immediately. You need to send your emails at the best time possible (the time depends on your target and their location). But it can be tedious logging in at a specific time to send an email, so make use of your email marketing service provider’s automated email delivery.

And there you have it! Eight tips to help you get started with your email marketing campaign. The whole process doesn’t have to stop after sending your email. As mentioned earlier, some ESPs have great analytical tools you can use to see how well your emails are doing. Use these to improve your future campaigns.

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