Can Email Campaigns Help You Get Potential Clients?

According to Statista, there are now close to four billion email users worldwide. By 2023, the number will increase to 4.3 billion users. Despite newer communication methods and technologies, email is still used by many, both in the corporate and private sectors. This fact alone proves how crucial email campaigns are for business owners, especially those looking to grow their customer base.

Closer Client Connections

With emails, business owners can ‘speak directly’ to their customers as individuals, calling them by name to talk about specific topics. Such focused targeting offers better conversion rates, far better than social media. In the long run, a closer client connection builds stronger relationships between the company and the customers.


Television, radio, and direct mailing have been the preferred methods for reaching customers, and they still are today. The biggest drawback for small businesses is the price of starting and maintaining ad campaigns within these mediums. Email marketing, on the other hand, is a more viable option, costing almost next to nothing for each email sent.

Near-Instant Action

An email created for email marketing always has some kind of call-to-action at the end, asking the reader to click on a link or image. Whether it is to go to a website, fill out a form, or complete a transaction, email marketing sees more action than TV or radio because of how easy it is to do and in fewer steps.

Data Collection

Before a company can create an ad campaign, they need to gather data about the market or the latest market trends, adding to the overall costs. With email campaigns, however, marketers can collect data by sending welcome emails at the price of almost nothing. They can then send tailor-made emails to the customers using the information they collected.

The four above reasons illustrate how important email marketing is for business owners. There are many more, some more specific to different businesses while showing how companies can get potential clients.

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