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Martha ParsonsMartha Parsons
04:20 02 Jan 22
It went exceptionally well. The VA Group Remodeling Group was communicative, on-time, quick, and efficient. It has only been a week but the work looks fantastic and I will be happier with the final product. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the work as performed and will be looking forward to collaborating with them on some follow-on projects in the very near future.
Myrtle EllerbeMyrtle Ellerbe
06:42 25 Dec 21
It was excellent!!! Highly recommend this company team. I created challenges for them but they were really patient and performed it exactly as I told them. I enjoy working with the group.
David MorganDavid Morgan
05:35 13 Dec 21
Working with the VA group was great. After Isaac came out to discuss our plans, he followed up right away with a detailed appropriate estimate for the work to be done. Other estimates we got were inflated for almost twice as much.
Dahlia GillDahlia Gill
17:14 28 Nov 21
Final work product is beautiful. The company was very reasonable and responsive to issues that came up during construction. but overall very happy with the final product. great service this company again, and have recommended them to friends.
Wesley MooreWesley Moore
06:30 25 Nov 21
great company and his team are excellent, detail-oriented, and committed to customer satisfaction. The final product was beautiful, high quality, and they never complained when we asked for minor tweaks along the way. I would highly recommend it.

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Tier 1 - Premium Executive Assistant


• Email/Calendar Management
• SOP Development
• Personal Research
• Meeting Notes


• Appointment Scheduling
• Cold Calling
• Inbound Support
• Call Screening


• Database Management
• Email Drip Campaigns
• Database Clean Up
• Lead Nurturing


• Social Media
• Cold Calls
• Cold Emails
• Lead Scraping Prospecting

Tier 2 - Specialists


• Content Calendar Creation
• Social Media Management
• Blog Development
• Competitive Analysis


• Canva
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Video/Audio Editing
• Podcast Development


• Article Development
• Proof Reading
• Content Research
• SEO Writing


• Bookkeeping
• Quickbooks
• Tax Reconciliation
• Payroll Management

Tier 3 - Project Manager

  • Minimum Of A 4 year Bachelor’s Degree And/Or 5 years minimum of Project Management Experience
  • 2 Years Minimum Experience In The BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills, Highly Intuitive, Well Structured And Organized
  • Proven Ability To Complete Projects According To Outlined Scope, Budget, And Timeline

What our Client say About Us?


Niya Enterprises

Dedicated to Helping Me Succeed

The things I love about my VA, number one they are amazing people, I mean first off they were so dedicated to my campaigns and what at I’ve got going to my business but even the management team, they are so dedicated to helping me succeed. They always jumping in with “How can we help?”, “How can we make this better for you?”.  And the best part is it I don’t actually have to do any of the normal things that you do to hire somebody. They do all that thing for you, they find the perfect VA for you, they train them, I mean they already trained and ready to go, you just kind of have to give them a little bit of direction. And the rest they just jump in and get going.

Dr. Z

Owner of GreaterSelf

Polite, Kind and Diligent!

Thanks to my lovely team at The VA Group. They’ve been able to help me continue to manifest my dream and how I’m able to help other people. I can say that without them I probably wouldn’t be as bright and excited about the next up coming months and even years to come because just having that support and knowing that someone else is also helping and working and willing to take the time and be polite, kind and diligent. Even continuing to even ask me for the things I need to produce so that they can continue to support the business is priceless! I’d like to say thank you to everyone at The VA Group!

Tom Bergy

Founder of Bergy Creative Group

I'd Highly Recommend Them!

I started working with The VA Group about 6 months ago. I must say it was and is an extremely good experience. There team is well organized, they communicate daily with me, they have a wonderful process for project management. You’re provided a project manager, mines Olive. She’s amazing, clearly communicated, went to client meetings online which was wonder. They’ve been a great team and resource for an agency like mine. I’d highly recommend them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Virtual Assistants located and what hours do they work?

Our VA’s are from all over the world and our hours of operation are from 5:00 AM PST – 7:00 PM PST Monday through Friday.

How long have you been in business and how many Virtual Assistants do you have?

We’ve been utilizing VA’s for employment for over 8 years now and we have over 300 Virtual Assistants working for us at this time.

How do you keep everything safe and secure?

We sign NDAs with all of our clients and VA’s. We utilize Virtual Private Networks (VPN) on request. We utilize Last Pass; a secured password sharing software from our clients to our assistants. Lastly, all of our clients own all the information from day 1 and can remove access from the assistants at any time.

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