3 Signs it's Time to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Business growth is an indicator of how much of your hard work is paying off. However, as it continues to grow, you start to get less involved as you try to catch up with backend tasks. And no matter how hard you work, you seem to drift further away from your goals and your business. That’s when you should consider hiring your first virtual assistant. If you are still unsure, ask yourself if you are feeling any of these three signs:

  1. You Keep Missing Opportunities

Administration work will eventually take up most of your time as your business grows. You will spend almost all of your working hours checking email, taking calls, making calls, and bookkeeping. While these tasks are essential, they take up the time you need to work on your goals for the day or month, and you will miss opportunities because of them.

You can try putting the admin tasks on hold for a day to focus on more important jobs, but that will only double the amount of backend work you will do the next day. And if you decide to stay in the office to finish your admin tasks, you won’t be out there getting clients. Hiring a virtual assistant can give you the time and freedom you need to catch those opportunities.

  1. You Don’t Have Work-Life Balance

It is only natural you will place more time and priority on your growing business. To give less time and effort would mean you don’t care. But as you take on more work, it becomes harder to ‘switch off’ when you are at home. If you’ve found yourself worrying about those unsent emails or missing your children’s birthdays for client appointments, then you are having work-life balance issues.

A virtual assistant can alleviate your worries by taking care of unfinished tasks, help reorganize your schedule, and take on jobs you cannot do, like graphic design. Hiring a VA doesn’t mean you are giving up; it means you’re giving yourself the chance to put the right amount of time and effort in the right places, such as family. Get your work-life balance in order.

  1. You Feel Stressed All The Time

Mental stress sets in as you feel a mix of frustration and disappointment. You know you work hard every day, yet you do not reach your daily goals or finish the admin tasks on time. Eventually, mental stress leads to physical stress; you feel like you do not have the energy to work, your head is pounding all the time, and you feel restless in bed. With both your physical and emotional health at risk, you will need a virtual assistant to recover.

By sharing your burden, a VA can save you a lot of stress. As mentioned already, they can take on the tasks you can’t do and will be more than willing to finish what you cannot. Together with your virtual assistant, you can accomplish a lot more work while feeling little to no stress.

If you are experiencing these three signs, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the VA Group. We can equip you with more than capable VAs who can help you and your business.

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