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How to Build Your Personal Branding on Instagram to Scale Your Business

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. With over a billion monthly active users recorded this 2020, it is a good website for companies to connect and engage with their audience. And while Instagram is a platform for sharing visual content (like videos and images), both groups and individuals alike can still use it to scale their business. But can they do that exactly?

A Word on Business Scaling

People use the words ‘business growth’ and ‘business scaling’ interchangeably all the time, but their definitions are quite different.

  • Business Growth – When a business grows, its capabilities will increase as well. It will hire more staff, acquire better equipment, handle more clients, and earn more revenue. However, when a business grows, its business costs will increase as well. The company will need to start a costly hiring campaign to get more workers. While swapping old equipment for better ones will be expensive. In a way, when a business grows, gains and losses are even.
  • Business Scaling – Scaling is like growing, except scaling is not affected by the same factors that affect real business growth. It is the improvement of the company’s capabilities but without the usual costs. For example, rather than using traditional yet expensive marketing ads to create product awareness, a small business can use social media instead. Doing this, the company little to nothing but enjoys the increase in customers and revenue.

What is Personal Branding?

With so many people now making the shift to work or do their business online, the need for personal branding has become essential. We can define personal branding as building a brand around a person to create a social following online. This social following can help find better career opportunities, maybe secure a job, or sell a product. But how does this work with business scaling?

Unless you hired someone to build it up for you, creating a personal brand will cost nothing. Once that account for your branding goes live, your business would scale upwards. An online personal brand is far more cost-efficient and effective than the usual offline marketing campaign. If done right, you should start getting customers or orders by the end of the week. Do note a personal business branding can be used by companies as well.

How Do You Build a Personal Brand?

Building a personal brand is relatively easy. Maintaining and improving the brand is the hard part. Here are some things you can do to build up your branding on Instagram and how to use it to the fullest.

  • Be Strategic – What is your niche? Who is your target? What content are you making? Know the answers to these questions to form the basis of your brand. So, for example, when creating your brand as a virtual assistant, what is your niche? Are you a content writer, a graphic designer, or a social media manager? Then, for your target, will you be working for bloggers, website owners, or a marketing team?
  • Remember Your Brand – The brand you create around you will serve as a representation of who you are and what you do. When you start building it up, remember to be consistent with your themes and style. And design it in a way to show off your brand’s value. Make it unique to stand out, but not too different unless you want your future customers to misunderstand your brand.
  • Hashtag It! – On social media, people use hashtags to engage with their audience and create an association with the subject matter or content. For you, as a business owner, you can use hashtags to create a digital trail that will lead to your brand, your niche, and content. If you are not sure of which hashtags to use, take a look at those within your industry and use the tags that best suits your brand.
  • Sharing is Caring – Instagram is something of a two-way street. Most users will like and share your content if you take the time to share and like theirs. And if they are in the same industry or niche as you, they might even follow you. Of all social media platforms, Instagram makes it easy for people to forge strong connections with other users by supporting them. Stay involved and present on Instagram to keep your brand visible.
  • Get People Involved – Social media holds this one advantage other platforms lack: instant and direct engagements. Those who are part of your following can comment and react to every post or content you put up. Even better, you can start a poll or ask a question, and everyone connected to you will want to chime in. Use this to your advantage when preparing for an announcement or when doing market research.

And there you have it, five things you can do build up a personal brand on Instagram to scale your business. If you need help creating a brand around you or that you already have a brand and you need help maintaining it, contact us at the VA Group. Let us help you scale your business.

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