How to use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Personal Brand

LinkedIn is a very flexible social media network for building up your business and creating a brand. Being a site for professionals to gather and find one another, you can use it to market yourself to the right people and begin building up awareness for your start-up company. If you are looking to create a personal brand or get your company online, here are some tips for you.

Growing a Personal Brand
If it is your first time using LinkedIn, you may have noticed how every person’s page looks like a resume, made unique with different content. To begin growing your brand, you will have to do the same. Here are some of the things you can do.

About Selling Yourself – Use the ‘About’ section of your LinkedIn profile to market yourself. The key here is to be detailed yet concise. When you share your experiences or talk about your field of expertise, include the names of companies and the work you have done for them.

Share Your Portfolio – This tip is important. Your portfolio will be proof of your skills and experience. Once visitors have looked through your LinkedIn profile, they will want to see the work you’ve done.

Utilize the Cover Photo – They say a picture is worth a thousand words. LinkedIn provides a space to add a cover photo to your profile. Use it to upload an image related to you or your work. It can be your company logo, a shot of you in action (such as during a seminar), or images related to your field (a pen and paper to show you are a content writer).

Use the Right Keywords – Unless people search for your name specifically, your page will only appear on searches if you have used the right keywords on your profile. To find those words, look to your brand and use words related to it. For example, if you are a freelance online content writer, your keywords could be ‘writer,’ ‘content writer,’ and ‘freelance writer.’ Include these words in your profile so you will be easy to find.

Create Content – A great way to stay visible on LinkedIn is to post meaningful content consistently. Share videos, upload images, or write articles related to your field; meaningful content will bring people to you and start a following. If you post content consistently, you will create anticipation in your community.

Engage with Groups – You will build up trust, find new connections, and create stronger relationships as you share your knowledge with people in LinkedIn Groups. Members will turn to you to learn more or to work with you, thus making you visible.

Growing Your Business
Many established businesses are starting to realize how important LinkedIn is for them. For companies that are just starting up, LinkedIn is a precious tool for finding clients and increasing reach. Try doing the following to get the most out of the platform.

Create a Company Page – If you want people to find your business, and you do not have a website for it, then you need to create a company page on LinkedIn. Like your personal LinkedIn profile page, be detailed but concise with the information you share about your business, and use the right keywords for better search results.

Talk About Your Company – Once your company page is complete, you can start promoting it. Announce it to your friends and connections, and they will recommend it down the line for you. If you have any employees, ask them to follow the page, and when you send emails or make content, add a link to your company page for more exposure.

Share Your Company Culture – Create closer connections with other LinkedIn users and prospective clients by showing a glimpse of your company culture. If your company does not operate online, share photos or videos of fun office interactions or outings. And if your company does work online, then share screenshots of funny internet moments. Do this to give your company a face and a feel.

Generate Leads with LinkedIn – Being a social media platform for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn can be used to find your prospective clients and help generate leads. But you will need to know who your audience is first before you do this, so you must do some research beforehand.

Build a Team with LinkedIn – Lastly, put together an all-star team using LinkedIn. These can be local employees or online freelancers. Be sure to look through their profiles, understand their skills and experiences. With some time and research, you will create the perfect roster for your company.

If you are looking to build your business online and would like some help using LinkedIn, please contact us at the VA Group, or visit our website. We look forward to working with you.
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