Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Virtual Assistants located and what hours do they work?

Our VA’s are from all over the world and our hours of operation are from 5:00 AM PST – 7:00 PM PST Monday through Friday.

How long have you been in business and how many Virtual Assistants do you have?

We’ve been utilizing VA’s for employment for over 8 years now and we have over 300 Virtual Assistants working for us at this time.

How do you keep everything safe and secure?

We sign NDAs with all of our clients and VA’s. We utilize Virtual Private Networks (VPN) on request. We utilize Last Pass; a secured password sharing software from our clients to our assistants. Lastly, all of our clients own all the information from day 1 and can remove access from the assistants at any time.

Strategic Vetted VAs

Free Training Period

Dedicated VAs

Part Time or Full Time

No Long Term Agreements

Is my Virtual Assistant dedicated to me or working with anyone else?

Your Virtual Assistant is absolutely dedicated to you and your campaign during their scheduled shift hours. A part time Virtual Assistant may be assigned to another client for the other half of their shift.

How am I billed for my Virtual Assistant services?

We bill our clients bi-weekly through Credit/Debit Card processing.

Are your Virtual Assistants from The United States or another country?

The majority of our Virtual Assistants are from the Philippines. We find their country has a lot of similarities to our US based clientele, allowing for an easy integration.

I really want a Virtual Assistant, but I feel overwhelmed when trying to develop a training program, assigning tasks, and delegating properly. How can The VA Group help?

This is an extremely common situation. To assist our clients in this process we’ve added a dedicated on-boarding manager to develop your campaign’s deliverables and training procedures. We also assign a customer support manager (CSM) that will ensure your campaign is successful.

Why should I hire my Virtual Assistant through The VA Group?

What makes The VA Group so amazing and sets us apart from our competition is a wide selection of things. Our on-boarding process is an easy walkthrough of the campaign where we guide you throughout the entire process. Once the campaign has been designed, you will meet your dedicated Customer Support Manager (CSM). The quality of our virtual assistant is vastly superior than our competition. We use college recruiters to seek out career driven people that want an opportunity to work for a great company with benefits and growth potential. Our VAs are like family to this company and they will always go the extra mile for you!

My situation is unique, how can I discuss my needs with someone at The VA Group?

Please schedule an opportunity call with an account executive to discuss your individual campaign needs. We’re here to help!

Strategic Vetted VAs

Free Training Period

Dedicated VAs

Part Time or Full Time

No Long Term Agreements


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