Is training a VA really that difficult?

When you hire a VA, they will have many of the skills that you are looking for. This means that there will be very little training required. In fact, many employers find that they don’t need to train their VA at all. They simply need to start assigning them tasks and get them logged in to their particular systems.

VA’s can help build SOP’s (standard operating procedures). This helps to streamline daily tasks and ensure they reach completion. They will be able to handle these tasks, or you can pass them on to someone else after the SOP is finished.

If you do find that your new VA needs a bit of training, it can be done in a variety of ways. Many businesses prefer to teach through slack or zoom, while others prefer to use a video capture service like Loom. Loom allows you to record videos, explaining your process, to be used whenever you like. The training process, when required, typically only takes a couple of days. Afterward, your business will be grateful for all the tasks your new VA can handle

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