What skills do our Virtual Assistants have?

Business owners are oftentimes surprised by all of the different skills that are available with our virtual assistants. There are some tasks that you would expect your virtual assistant to be able to handle, but there are many other tasks that may surprise you. Digging in and learning what all a virtual assistant can do can help you understand why adding one to your team is the best course of action.

When you hire one of our virtual assistants, they will be able to handle everyday executive and administrative tasks. This includes travel planning, proofreading, appointment management, data entry, data management, and lead management.

Additionally, your new virtual assistant will also be able to handle email management and your bookkeeping or accounting needs. They have experience with quicken, data transcription, reconciliation, and can handle any type of email management that you ask them to. You also find that they are fantastic if you need them to manage customer support via a live chat system or over the phone.

Social media management and online research are also in the wheelhouse of our virtual assistants. They can handle prospecting, campaign development, scheduling of social media posts, caption creation, and even graphic creation.

Last but not least, our virtual assistants can also help you with engineering and design. We offer skilled assistance that can handle engineering diagrams. Additionally, they can take care of CAD drawings. There are even assistants that have experience in the solar field.

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