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Top 5 Christmas Activities for You and Your VAs

Hosting a Christmas party over Zoom may seem like a crazy idea. But if it is something you can do to show your virtual assistants how much you appreciate them, it may not be so bad after all. Here are some activities you and your team can do to enjoy together. Now is the perfect time to strengthen the relationship between you and your VAs.

Dressing Up

Let’s start with an odd one. Ask your team to dress up for the party. You can have them follow a theme (it doesn’t have to be Christmas themed) or let them wear whatever they want. To maximize the level of enjoyment, be sure to dress up as well. Show the VAs your creative and whacky side.

Virtual Card Exchange

People usually exchange Christmas cards in the days and weeks before Christmas Day. And just because you and your VAs are not in the same area, that does not mean you cannot send virtual cards to one another. If you’re not confident with designing a card, there are plenty of online card builders that can help you.


Test your trivia knowledge against those of your VAs. You can even put a twist on this tried and tested activity by throwing in questions about you, the company, and your team members. If you want, keep track of points to encourage some competition. And if you want to spice the game up, prepare a prize for the winner and a funny punishment for the loser.

Bring Me Game

Some people like doing scavenger hunts during Christmas, but that would be difficult to do over Zoom. So instead, consider doing a quick Bring Me Game. Keep it simple, so you nor your VAs will need to dash into the next room to get the next requested item. You can also spice the game up by keeping points, offering a prize, and giving a punishment.

Online Charades

No party will ever be complete without a game of charades. To give the game a seasonal twist, make sure all prompts are related to Christmas. They can be song titles, Christmas items, or even movies. Enjoy the moments when you and your team try to act out the most difficult prompts, like ‘Feliz Navidad’ and ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.’

Don’t let the distance, or the fact that you’re celebrating over the internet, stop you from enjoying Christmas with your virtual assistants. Even if it’s only through Zoom or Skype, it is far better than not celebrating at all. If these five suggestions aren’t to your liking, then that’s fine! There are plenty of other activities you can do with your team of VAs. It does not matter what you do, as long as you are having fun with everyone!

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