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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Running an online store can be very difficult to handle once it grows beyond a certain point. Owners can find themselves slowly getting buried by backorders, missed messages, forgotten invoices, and more. Without assistance, the owner will find their e-commerce business collapsing around them.

But with the help of a virtual assistant, owners can off-load some of the tasks or let a VA take charge in one part of the overall process. For example, the owner can hire a virtual assistant to check and update inventory or interact with customers. If you have an e-commerce business and you need some help, here are some things VAs can do for you.

Order and Shipment Processing

Keeping track of orders and shipments can be very difficult when you have other tasks to do. You can hire a VA to manage the entire process, from taking orders to setting up shipments. With someone helping you in this process, you can focus on the more crucial tasks.

Checking Inventory

Nothing can be as distressing as finding out your item stocks are empty when a large number of customers are placing orders. With a virtual assistant dedicated to this task, you can keep your virtual shelves topped off at all times. You will never lose a customer because of no stocks.

Customer Service

You will need someone at the frontlines when customers start calling in with complaints, queries, and compliments. Sure, you can always get back to them later in the evening, but customers will feel much happier with timely interactions. Having a VA will surely keep them and you happy.

Website Maintenance

Your website, and all platforms connected to it, must be maintained at all times. Maintenance includes tasks like updating product descriptions, adding new items, removing old ones, repairing links, and SEO optimization. Have a virtual assistant or two to take care of this for you.

Create Promotions

One of the best ways to get rid of excess stock is to create promotions such as a buy one get one deal or bundle discounts. But if marketing isn’t your forte, you should hire a virtual assistant. Why do something you aren’t good at when you can hire someone better suited to the task?

Manage Your Accounts

Keeping your accounts in order and doing bookkeeping can eat up your time; time best spent finding new things to sell or managing the store. If you are slowly finding yourself spending more time checking emails or calling the bank, you should get a trusted VA. They can keep your records updated and your bills paid as you put your focus on the store.

There are plenty of other things virtual assistants can do that will benefit your store. They can do market research, create press releases, write social media posts as part of marketing, and more. If your store is growing and you need some help, consider contacting us at the VA Group.

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