Drip Campaigns / Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Drip campaigns and lead nurturing campaigns can genuinely help enhance the success of your business. These email-based campaigns can help turn your shoppers into buyers when used correctly. These strategies have proven themselves effective and are becoming a popular sales strategy across the globe.

A drip campaign is an email that is scheduled and personalized for the contacts in your database. The open rates of these campaigns are much higher than the click-through rates of ads. You will make a slightly higher investment in a drip campaign than you would merely sending a blast email, but at the end of the day, your sales will increase, and it will be worth it. If your goals are to retain customers, nurture leads, or raise awareness of your company, drip campaigns can help you accomplish all three.

A lead nurturing campaign is a set of emails that are sent in a timely fashion and based on the behavior of your lead. It will provide information that guides your lead through the purchasing process. The prospect will get emails from your business, and it will give them information that allows them to make a great decision on which product to buy. When working on a lead nurturing campaign, the goal will be to provide educational information to the customer based on their habits, including how many times they have been to the website, the articles they are looking at, and any classes or seminars they may have signed up for. It is an extremely personalized experience for the lead, and the results speak for themselves.

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