How to Utilize LinkedIn Efficiently to Produce More Leads

If you are someone looking to generate leads, then you should take a look at the goldmine that is LinkedIn. Being a social network for finding business contacts, it is one of the best places to find the right leads for your business. But I hear you ask, ‘what are leads?’

A lead is a person, group, or organization that shows an interest in a product you are selling or a service you are offering. They show their interest by sharing their contact information, such as email, phone number, or social media. If you are looking to turn this social media business platform into a lead producing one, here are a few things you can do with your LinkedIn page.

Create a Quality LinkedIn Page
To begin producing leads, you will need to start with the LinkedIn page itself. Use LinkedIn to create the best first impression of you and your company. You can do this by:
Uploading a clear, high-quality image of your company logo
If using LinkedIn for yourself, upload a clean, high-quality photo of your face (referred to as a headshot)
Adding something short and descriptive in the headline, like what you do for a living
If using LinkedIn for yourself, add in your experience and education.

Create Content Consistently
One of the best ways to generate leads is to create and publish quality content that is relevant to your target audience. If it’s something your prospective customers like, they will engage with you. Choose a day and time to post and stick to that schedule; you can start by posting once a day, Mondays to Fridays.

Use Images and Videos
Videos and images are currently the best kinds of content to have on social media, as these are more effective at catching people’s attention. Take advantage of this and upload business-related images or videos to get engagements, either as independent posts or supplements to an article post.

Make Use of Freebies
Another way to generate leads is to give away freebies, such as an ebook or PDF. People like getting free things and would be more than happy to read an article, click on a link, or watch a video to get it. For better lead generation, give away something that’s connected to your business, such as a product catalog.

Post Company Updates
Whether as part of your scheduled daily content or as a separate post, use LinkedIn to share your company updates. Do you have a new product coming out soon? Did someone work exceptionally well? Did you or the company reach a new milestone? If it’s something good about you or your business, share it! Doing so will help you generate the right leads.

Add a Call to Action Link
If you have a website or a landing page, direct your potential prospects there with the use of a call to action button or link on LinkedIn. Doing this is a great way to give your future clients a way to find you and contact you, especially when you aren’t using LinkedIn to do your business. LinkedIn makes this easy with their LinkedIn Banner Ads or Dynamic Ads.

Interact with Others
If you are someone who likes to find their leads actively, this strategy is for you. Learn to be sociable as you expand your network of connections. You can do things like comment on other people’s LinkedIn posts, endorse members of your group, and recognize the achievements of others. Be sure to use your own words and not anything formulaic or a copy-pasted message.

I hope the above steps will help you find the right leads for you and your business. There are other things you can do to use LinkedIn to generate leads, some of which you will discover over time. Use what you feel is more effective, and be flexible.
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