What Type of Video Content Will Attract More Viewers on Your Social Media Sites?

Video content has become one of the most preferred types of content to use on social media. When compared to other media, such as blog posts or shared images, videos are more engaging and easy to process. Combining these two reasons with online statistics, one can easily see why using video content in social media is no longer an option but a need.

If you are looking to create video content for your social media sites, consider the following six types of videos. Each one has its strengths and uses according to your online marketing needs.

  1. Product Reviews

Product review videos are useful for showing off a product’s unique features and answering questions customers may have. They are great for customers that need information before they make a purchase. However, product reviews are more effective when you have already established a connection with your customers.

What makes a good review video, though, you ask? That depends entirely on what you want to show or say about a product – it can be wordy or silent, short or long, brightly colored or not. It’s really up to you.

  1. Live Videos

Also known as live streaming, live video content has recently become the norm, thanks to most social media platforms with the capability. It is very effective at bringing viewers together thanks to something called the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect, which is a feeling of suspense that gets people to watch the video to see what happens at the end.

What makes live-streamed videos preferable for social media sites is how it allows for real-time engagements between you and the viewers. They can simply hop onto the video and start asking questions as the stream goes on. So if you want to use live video content, consider using it when hosting Q&A sessions, making a big announcement, or launching a new product.

  1. Interviews

There are two ways to make interview videos. The first is to record a 1-on-1 Q&A session with a well-known expert or personality from within your market space. Doing this helps build your company’s brand authority, as you receive insights and suggestions from a respected figure of the industry. The secret to doing a great interview is to let your guests talk as much as they can.

The second way is to do a live stream on social media and answer all viewers’ questions and concerns. To keep the session interesting, you can do a bit of storytelling as you answer questions. Remember, a big part of marketing is telling great stories, and great stories will hold the interests of your viewers effectively.

  1. Behind the Scenes

If you want to bring your viewers and customers closer to your company, then creating a behind-the-scenes (or BTS) video is your best option. It essentially ‘puts a face’ to the people who work tirelessly behind the brand and reveals a facet of the company’s culture. In a way, a behind-the-scenes video helps humanize the brand.

It also has the needed effect of improving company morale. Bringing your employees together to make a BTS video can be fun, inspiring, and beneficial to forming stronger working relationships. If you are planning out a behind-the-scenes video, consider an activity that involves everyone, such as an afternoon lunch or team outing.

  1. How-Tos

When people watch online videos, they do so because they want to be entertained or educated. The aim of making a tutorial video is not to sell or promote a product; it is to help viewers solve a problem. By providing a solution to a problem, you encourage your social media followers to trust you.

There are hundreds of successful video content creators on Youtube alone, and many of them found a way to earn by sharing free tutorials. These YouTubers prove you just need to build a good reputation with your how-to videos, and the revenue will follow after.

  1. User-Generated Content

Creating new content to upload on social media every day can be time-consuming, if not a little frustrating. So if you need a little respite from continuous editing, you can invite your viewers or customers to make a fun video with one of your products and ask them to tag you. By getting your audience involved, you get authentic content, which can also serve as testimonials.

By encouraging user-generated content, you can drive traffic towards your social media sites, generate leads, and even strengthen customer loyalty. If your brand is not very well known, but you want your audience to create content for you, try starting a trend online by doing something fun in a video and then challenging the world to do better.

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