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Rafael De Guzman


Training Director


Zamboanga, Philippines

Years of Experience

7 Years

Rafael De Guzman is a dynamic Training Director with a proven track record in designing and implementing targeted training programs that align with organizational objectives. With a keen eye for needs assessment, he ensures that learning experiences are relevant and impactful. Rafael’s expertise extends to effective facilitation and tech integration, creating engaging sessions that leverage modern learning tools. He excels in measuring and optimizing training impact on employee performance, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement. Known for his efficient budget management, collaborative approach with stakeholders, and a proactive mindset, Rafael is poised to elevate training initiatives and contribute significantly to organizational success.

Skill Set

    • Curriculum Design: Expert in creating tailored training programs for organizational goals.
    • Needs Assessment: Skilled in identifying and addressing specific training needs.
    • Facilitation and Tech: Effective facilitator, integrating technology for engaging learning experiences.
    • Performance Evaluation: Measure and optimize training impact on employee performance.
    • Budget Management: Efficiently manage training budgets for maximum impact.
    • Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with experts and leaders to align training with goals.
    • Continuous Improvement: Proactively seek feedback for ongoing enhancement of training programs.