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Jara Fernandez


Human Resource Director


Manila, Philippines

Years of Experience

6 Years

Jara Fernandez is an accomplished HR Director with a proven track record in strategic leadership. With a keen eye for talent acquisition and management, she excels in fostering positive employee relations. Jara is recognized for her expertise in organizational development, implementing initiatives that enhance performance and engagement. Her strong background in policy and compliance ensures a fair and legally sound workplace. With a commitment to employee growth, Jara designs and implements impactful training programs. A seasoned professional in change management, she leads effective transitions through clear communication. Jara’s data-driven decision-making approach ensures continuous improvement, making her a valuable asset to any organization.

Skill Set

    • Align HR initiatives with organizational goals for business success.
    • Proven ability to attract, retain, and manage top talent.
    • Navigate HR issues with fairness, fostering positive relationships.
    • Implement initiatives for enhanced performance and engagement.
    • Develop and enforce HR policies ensuring legal compliance.
    • Design and implement programs for employee growth.
    • Lead effective transitions through clear communication and planning.
    • Use analytics to inform HR strategies for continuous improvement.