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Maxine Pineda


Executive Assistant


San Fernando, Philippines

Years of Experience

5 Years

Meet Maxine Pineda an accomplished executive assistant hailing from San Fernando, Philippines. With a stellar track record working closely with top-level executives, Maxine consistently excels in her duties. Her exceptional performance has garnered not only praise from her boss but also prestigious awards in recognition of her outstanding contributions. Maxine is a true professional, dedicated to achieving excellence in every aspect of her role.

Skill Set

    • Proficient in efficiently managing calendars, scheduling, and coordinating tasks using digital tools.
    • Comfortable with a variety of online tools and software to facilitate seamless virtual collaboration.
    • Strong in both written and verbal communication for effective interaction with team members, clients, and executives.
    • Quick thinking and skilled at finding solutions to unexpected challenges.
    • Efficiently prioritizes tasks, sets deadlines, and ensures projects stay on track.
    • Capable of thriving in a rapidly changing business environment.
    • Meticulous in proofreading and ensuring accuracy in all tasks.
    • Trustworthy in handling sensitive information with the utmost professionalism.