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Roxanne Del Rosario


Prospecting and Cold Calling Expert


Dagupan, Philippines

Years of Experience

3 Years

Introducing Roxanne Del Rosario, a skilled prospector and cold-calling expert hailing from Dagupan, Philippines, with a stellar track record of achieving substantial sales. Roxanne seamlessly combines her strategic prospecting skills with a knack for personalized outreach, consistently prioritizing leads to craft impactful pitches. Hailing from a reputable company background, Roxanne has not only excelled in making substantial sales but has also garnered numerous commendations for her exceptional performance. Roxanne’s prowess extends beyond the sales domain—she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to handle customer requests with grace and professionalism. Her adept communication skills and dedication to customer satisfaction have propelled her to top-performer status within the industry. In the dynamic landscape of prospecting and cold calling, Roxanne Del Rosario stands out as a true professional, bringing not only sales acumen but also a commitment to excellence in customer relations.

Skill Set

    • Prioritizing potential clients strategically through comprehensive market analysis to drive focused outreach.
    • Crafting personalized communication strategies using diverse channels like phone, email, and social media for maximum impact.
    • Clearly and confidently articulating product value propositions to directly address client needs.
    • Conducting thorough research on industries, competitors, and prospects to customize and optimize pitch strategies.
    • Handling rejection with resilience, maintaining a positive outlook, and refining strategies based on constructive feedback.
    • Proficiently utilizing CRM tools for systematic lead management, ensuring efficient tracking and follow-up.
    • Skillfully navigating objections and closing deals through persuasive and effective negotiation techniques.
    • Staying current on industry trends and consistently adapting strategies to meet evolving market dynamics.
    • Proficiency in analyzing prospect data to identify patterns, preferences, and opportunities for more targeted and effective outreach.
    • Ability to communicate fluently in multiple languages, expanding reach and effectively connecting with a diverse range of potential clients.