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Gabriela Gonzales


Social Media Manager


Bulacan, Philippines

Years of Experience

4 Years

Gabriela Gonzales, hailing from the Philippines, is a social media expert renowned for her ability to capture attention and drive meaningful interactions across diverse platforms. With a knack for creating engaging content, Gabriela excels in fostering customer engagement and interaction, contributing to enhanced brand presence and positive online experiences.

Skill Set

    • Develop engaging visuals and written posts.
    • Interpret social media metrics for insights.
    • Foster a positive online community and engage with customers.
    • Stay updated on platform features and trends.
    • Execute social media strategies aligned with marketing goals.
    • Manage targeted social media advertising.
    • Cultivate relationships with influencers and engage in effective customer relationship management on social media.
    • Address and mitigate social media crises.
    • Stay informed about industry trends and emerging platforms.