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Farida Ahmed


Social Media Manager


Punjab, Pakistan

Years of Experience

3 Years

Farida Ahmed, a dynamic Social Media Manager with a three-year track record, boasts outstanding achievements in organically growing followers through impactful campaign postings. Proficient in community engagement, Farida excels at fostering meaningful connections within the assigned community. Her strategic approach and communication skills have consistently contributed to elevating brand presence and engagement.

Skill Set

    • Craft compelling visuals and written posts.
    • Interpret and analyze social media metrics.
    • Nurture a positive online community.
    • Stay current on platform features and trends.
    • Develop and execute aligned social media strategies.
    • Oversee targeted social media advertising.
    • Leverage social media for customer interaction and feedback.
    • Cultivate and maintain influencer relationships.
    • Handle and mitigate social media crises.
    • Stay abreast of industry trends and emerging platforms.