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Muhammad Zaid Mahmood


Multimedia Artist


Cairo, Egypt

Years of Experience

4 Years

Muhammad Zaid Mahmood is a seasoned graphic designer and video editor with a rich 4-year track record in the field. His expertise lies in crafting compelling visuals and assets tailored for social media platforms, contributing significantly to the success of various campaigns. With a keen eye for design and proficiency in video editing tools, Muhammad Zaid brings creativity and technical prowess to deliver impactful content that resonates effectively in the digital landscape.

Skill Set

    • Proficient in graphic design with expertise in Adobe Creative Suite and CorelDRAW, applying solid design principles for impactful visuals.
    • Skilled in video editing using Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, with a focus on precise color correction to enhance overall quality.
    • Experienced in motion graphics, utilizing After Effects and Cinema 4D to create engaging animations and visual effects for multimedia projects.
    • Well-versed in UI/UX design, employing tools like Sketch and Figma to craft intuitive and visually appealing web and mobile interfaces.
    • Adept at typography, creatively using fonts and applying principles to enhance the visual appeal and readability of designs.
    • Proficient in high-end photo retouching using Adobe Lightroom, ensuring flawless and polished images for various purposes.
    • Capable of visual storytelling through narrative creation and storyboarding techniques, bringing a compelling and cohesive vision to projects.
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills, facilitating effective interaction with cross-functional teams and clients to understand and deliver on project requirements.