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Luzviminda Rivera




Bulacan, Philippines

Years of Experience

5 Years

Meet Luzviminda Rivera, a dedicated marketer with a unique blend of freelancing experience in agency settings. Luzviminda is a testament to resilience and capability in the marketing realm. With a proven track record, she has successfully collaborated with international clients, bringing creativity and strategic insight to her projects. Luzviminda’s adaptability and commitment make her not just an asset in the marketing world but a symbol of inclusivity and excellence.

Skill Set

    • Create captivating copy and visuals.
    • Analyze metrics to fine-tune strategies.
    • Foster positive online interactions.
    • Set and align goals with marketing objectives.
    • Execute impactful paid campaigns.
    • Stay informed about industry shifts.
    • Respond adeptly and professionally to inquiries.
    • Introduce creative concepts to elevate campaigns.
    • Navigate and optimize diverse social media channels.
    • Swiftly adjust strategies in response to evolving trends.