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Nestor Castillo




Manila, Philippines

Years of Experience

5 Years

Nestor Castillo is a seasoned freelance accountant with a strong foundation in international financial management. Armed with a degree from a prestigious university, Nestor’s career took off swiftly, securing his first job with remarkable speed. With five years of focused experience, he has honed his skills in catering to the unique financial needs of clients in the United States. Nestor brings a blend of academic excellence and practical expertise to deliver top-notch accounting services tailored for an international clientele.

Skill Set

  • Expert in interpreting financial data for strategic decision-making.
  • Proven track record in meticulous auditing for compliance and accuracy.
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in preparing and filing tax returns.
  • Skilled in budget development and accurate financial forecasting.
  • Adherence to GAAP standards for transparent and compliant financial reporting.
  • Mastery of accounting tools for streamlined financial processes.
  • Precise in reconciling accounts and detecting errors.
  • Clear communication of complex financial information to stakeholders.