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Nationally Televised on Bloomberg TV, Amazon Prime & Reach TV, As Featured in 2 Min Drill by David Meltzer

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Nationally Televised on Bloomberg TV, Amazon Prime & Reach TV

David Meltzer

Co Founder of Sports 1 Marketing

Why The VA Group?

Do you know what makes me happy? Is letting the VA Group handle my employees and overhead. There’s nothing that will steal your joy like employees and overhead, so I give all of mine to the VA Group.

Tyree Dillingham

partners of NFL Hall of Famer, Marshal Faulk and Virtuity Financial Partners

Treating Business Just Like Own

We are honored to partnered with the VA Group and are new VA, Von bas been extraordinary. He’s just what we need to take our business to the next level and we love all the attentions to detail that he has and treating our business just like his own.
– Tyree

Tasks Piling Up?

Why focus on tedious day to day tasks that you could easily delegate to the right virtual assistant? We cover everything from backend processes, accounting, human resources, and even tackling organic prospecting.


Working on Your Business

The biggest challenge that entrepreneurs face today is working in their business and not on it. Hiring a VA to handle your day to day tasks will shift your mindset to focus on the client acquisition and growth and big picture milestones.

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Vetting and Onboarding

All vetting is done inhouse and includes background checks, IQ tests, personality tests, and language competency tests. Our thorough onboarding process ensures that the VA and client are set up for a successful campaign.

Dedicated Management Included

During the onboarding process, you will be introduced to your OM (Operations Manager). The OM will be in charge of monitoring this campaign, which includes daily reporting, weekly calls, micromanagement of the VA’s, and daily task list completion.

Weekly Performance Evaluations

The weekly performance evaluation between the client and The VA Group staff are designed to enhance the deliverables of the campaign. This is where the campaign can be discussed in full and to make adjustments or tweaks to the campaign if necessary.

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Polite, Kind and Diligent!

Thanks to my lovely team at The VA Group. They’ve been able to help me continue to manifest my dream and how I’m able to help other people. I can say that without them I probably wouldn’t be as bright and excited about the next up coming months and even years to come because just having that support and knowing that someone else is also helping and working and willing to take the time and be polite, kind and diligent. Even continuing to even ask me for the things I need to produce so that they can continue to support the business is priceless! I’d like to say thank you to everyone at The VA Group!
– Dr. Z

Example Services We Provide

Below you’ll find some of the top services we provide to our clients. To find more services provided or further information on any of these categories, click the Learn More below.





I'd Highly Recommend Them!

I started working with The VA Group about 6 months ago. I must say it was and is an extremely good experience. Their team is well organized, they communicate daily with me, they have a wonderful process for project management. You’re provided a project manager, mines Olive. She’s amazing, clearly communicated, went to client meetings online which was wonder. They’ve been a great team and resource for an agency like mine. I’d highly recommend them!
– Tom



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I No Longer Have to Think About It!

The last two months I’ve had the opportunity to work with a Virtual Assistant from The VA Group who has really changed the dynamic of my business. Not only has she created systems and processes, but she’s taken so many things off my plate that its allowed me to really work with my clients so I work on my business and not in my business. So many of those administrative tasks and things I used to have to spend hours doing outside of my normal work with my clients, I no longer have to think about it!
– Tamara